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古民家 弥三

(English Below)

4月から古民家「弥三」(やさ) の改修が本格的に始まった。ゲストハウスみたいな宿になります。

2階 second floor








雨戸掃除 Cleaning storm doors

April brought the earnest start to the kominka "Yasa" project. This house will become a guesthouse style accommodation.

We started with cutting the overgrown weeds, bamboo, and vines and clearing out the water channels around the house, as well as taking steps to deter termites from returning.

Next we moved on to cleaning and organizing things inside the house. There were plenty of treasures found throughout the house, but many loads of trash as well.

When the cleaning was finished, we could start the repairs to the house itself. As much as possible any trace of veneer or plywood was removed. Flooring and other wood damaged by termites was all broken apart and removed.

The storm doors all got pulled out and the wood facing totally replaced. There were about 32 doors to do, so it took quite some effort! Of course we used the all-natural fermented persimmon and pine soot mix to give them the traditional black color.

I also made one new storm door storage box, to replace one that was damaged too badly.

雨戸板張り替え New wood on storm doors

With that project done we started pulling the siding to be replaced off the exterior of the house, and were able to check the condition of the wall and support posts behind. Siding that didn't need replacing got the persimmon/soot treatment for a nice black color.

Between other work, interior walls were prepped and lime plastering work started.

Still a long road ahead, but things are progressing nicely!

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