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Miura House

One of the main projects for the year is the restoration to livable condition of Miura house.

This house is located in the middle of fuefuki town on Ojika island. It has been abandoned for probably over 20 years, and needs MAJOR work to be livable again.

One section of the main roof beam is substantially rotted due to a collapsed and leaking sections of the roof, and a section of floor has fallen in, not to mention being full of trash and the pleasant surprises that come from being a home for stray cats for many years.

The ultimate goal for this house is to have its new owner living here by next summer.

This will be the first new project since applying for funding assistance to buy new tools and get my work/storage area into proper shape.

I'm starting slowly, beginning by cleaning out the small workshop area of the carpenter who used to live here. Packed with old rusting tools and bits and pieces of old projects, this one tiny room alone will take quite some time to sort through and clean out. Of course I'll keep what is still usable, and there is bound to be a treasure or two in the mountain as well.

I hope to update the progress here and on instagram/youtube, etc. , but its most likely that instagram will get the most regular updates.

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